Zamman Bios

Manuel J Pacheco


Growing up in a mixed heritage (Latin and Asian) household in the Imperial Valley near the eastern end of the California Mexico border, he was exposed to many styles of music by his parents and the community at an early age. Due to his interest in music, Manuel has taken classes and workshops in Middle Eastern, Afro Cuban, and Afro Brazilian Percussion.
He has played percussion in Brazilian groups including: Dance Capoeira, Union Samba, Super Sonic Samba, Diaspora, and for Afro Brazilian singer, Angela Patua. He also played live on Cajon Flamenco at Juanita Franco’s Academia de Baile Español for, Reyes Barrios, beginner Flamenco class. On certain occasions, he is a drummer of Middle Eastern drumming group Cairo Beats.
Manuel has an open and growing appreciation of music from all around the world.