Zamman Bios

Paul Michlik

Paul Michlik was born into a musical family in Seattle, Washington. He began drumming and writing music in elementary school, inspired by The Beatles and the Seattle Grunge Scene. In 2008 he joined the punk band The “Nihilists”, founded by “Queensryche” guitarist Parker Lundgren. The band had a strong local following with sold out shows and a reputation for wild stage performances.

After The Nihilists disbanded in 2009, Paul co-founded the rock group “SXO”. Combining elements of electronic music and garage rock, “SXO” toured extensively for 4 years, opening for bands such as “Imagine Dragons” and “Nico Vega”, while building support from radio stations and venues across the country. “SXO” relocated to San Diego and eventually went on hiatus in summer 2013.

Paul then formed the collaborative synthesizer project “Murder By Techno”. Taking influences from ambient noise and 80s Synthwave music, the band
helped cultivate an underground electronic music scene with their unstructured live performances and bizarre sounds. It was during this time Paul reached out to Rich Mansor of “Raunchola Productions” to record an album, and subsequently began writing music with Rich to help co-found what would later become “Zamman”.