Zamman Bios

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Rich Mansor (Guitar)

Born in San Diego, CA Semi raised in San Diego as a child, and as a teenager in Detroit, MI. Moved back to the San Diego, CA area in ’07.

My musical history stems from a combination of several different styles, most notably Late 80’s influenced Grunge Rock, 1960’s and 70’s based Psychedelic Rock, Early 60’s Surf/Spaghetti Western Guitar, mixed in with the Rhythms, Scales, and Farfisa/Moog Synthesizer sounds and effects of Egyptian and Lebanese based Middle Eastern Music from the 60’s, 70’s, & 80’s.

A Self Taught Musician, my first run in with playing the Guitar goes back to approximately 1992 at the age of 10, influenced heavily by a combination of Seattle Based Grunge Rock Music Popular at the time, and listening to several different Musicians & Composers from Traditional Middle Eastern Music that came out of the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

I went on through High School furthering my Musical Skills by teaching myself how to in addition to playing guitar, also playing several different Percussion related Instruments including the Doumbek, Riq, Drums, Congas, etc. In the late 90’s I entered the world of Producing/Engineering, and for the next decade or so I shifted most of my focus and efforts to furthering my skills in the Recording Studio World.

I moved back to my original hometown of San Diego, CA in 2007 where I had the aspiration of building a Recording Studio centered around mostly Vintage Based Analog Recording Equipment, it would later in 2013 come to be known as “Raunchola Productions” After a few years of almost entirely doing nothing but Producing & Engineering other bands I received a surprise visit in early 2016 from Paul Michlik who at the time headed a San Diego Based Electronic group called “Murder By Techno” to record an album for his then band, and wound up

instead forming a Rock Band originally centered around playing a variation of Surf, Grunge, and Psychedelic Based Rock N’ Roll.

Several months later in the year after having performed a show with Legendary Egyptian Organist “Magdi Elhusseini” we would then turn our focus almost entirely to 1960’s and 70’s influenced Egyptian Based Bellydance Instrumentals, and that would end up becoming the birthright of “Zamman”